Sinfonietta Rīga and Midori, the ambassador of Japanese violin

USA-based Japanese violinist Midori is able to move the audiences both in the most prestigious concert halls around the globe and in venues far from the elitist and glitzy world of classical music. Her masterful performance and deep musical understanding elicits a special affinity. In Riga, the phenomenal musician will arrive together with the brilliant Latvian violinist Elīna Bukša, currently living in Brussels, who has previously participated in the International Community Engagement Program tour to India, organized by Midori. In the Great Guild Hall they will play together in the inimitable labyrinth of styles and citations, merging tango, avant-garde, and Baroque into one seamless narrative that is Alfred Schnittke's Concerto grosso No. 1. Elīna Bukša will also perform Chain II, the poetic, multi-stranded masterpiece of Polish modernist Witold Lutosławski, and Midori - the Violin Concerto by the Viennese Second School composer Alban Berg, lauded for its emotional impact by his student Theodor Adorno, who believed that with it, Berg had reached artistic heights accessed only by few, in which the lower realm, the not quite fully formed, suddenly becomes the highest.


Witold Lutosławski Dialogue for violin and orchestra Chain II 
Alfred Schnittke Concerto grosso No. 1 for two violins, harpsichord, prepared piano and string orchestra
Alban Berg Violin Concerto (To the memory of an angel)



Midori, violin
Elīna Bukša, violin
Sinfonietta Rīga
Conductor Normunds Šnē

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