Music for two pianos. Vasks, Schubert, Stravinsky

The bond between musicians playing a piano duet is so strong that only blood relatives or spouses attempt to take on this feat. The pianists Linda Leine and Daria Marshinina are not sisters, nor related in any other way, but the artists agree that the level of trust and understanding that was formed between them already in the first years of studying in Hamburg is a rare and important gift. 
The Riga-native Linda Leine started her studies in Latvia and continued in Lübeck and Hamburg, while Daria Marshinina comes from Moscow where she started studying music in the Gnessin State Musical College, later moving on to Berlin and Hamburg. They met in the piano-duet class of Lilya Zilberstein, later developing their ensamble skills further under the brothers Hans-Peter and Volker Stenzl. The pianists also praise the experience they were able to gain this summer in the piano master classes of András Schiff and the festival Šūbertiāde.
The romantically melodic Franz Schubert and the restlessly pedantic Igor Stravinsky are special composers for the duet. “Both Schubert’s grandiose Divertissement and Rondo in D major are rarities in the modern concert scene, but are must-hears” says Linda Leine. Stravinsky’s Concerto for two pianos, frequently called the peak of Neoclassicism, is an inexhaustible opus, ready to reveal new secrets on every listen. Their first recorded concert programme, released by Es-dur last year, is also complemented by Latvian notes – the famous Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks gave it his special blessing and approval.




I daļa
Francis Šūberts
Divertisments par franču oriģināltēmām D 823
II daļa

Pēteris Vasks
Mūzika divām klavierēm

Igors Stravinskis
Concerto per due pianoforti soli

Francis Šūberts
Rondo Remažorā D 608


Linda Leine (klavieres) un Darja Maršiņina (klavieres)

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