Latvian Radio choir. Sacred Chants. The Present One

As usual, in their Sacred chants cycle, the Latvian Radio Choir will perform important sacred choir compositions. The organist and friend of the choir Ilze Reine will join the concert. The evening will be centered around the music of Johannes Brahms and Felix Mendelssohn – a core part of the genre canon. Both masters excelled in their choir compositions, were well-versed in the works of Bach and other great Authors, and through their deep understanding of sound, unique musical language, and openly emotional attitude towards the texts, they opened up new horizons for the choir as an instrument.
The main guests of the programme for Brahms and Mendelssohn to converse with will be the choir’s comrades-in-arms – composers Maija Einfelde and Andris Dzenītis.
Maija Einfelde has collaborated with the Latvian Radio Choir on many noteworthy, innovative pieces, but we must agree with the critic who once said that due to her grand personality and delicate soul, Maija Einfelde is more of a 19th century person. I’ve always felt that the composer’s music goes great with the compositions of the Great Masters of the 19th century.
Andris Dzenītis’ music has been chosen as the counterpoint and contrast piece – the fragmented worldview of the modern man, and harsh, unanswered questions.
The musical axis of the concert will be the standard text of Ave Maria. It will be performed four times, dressed in the radically different versions by all four composers.



Johannes Brahms – Ave Maria op. 12
Maija Einfelde – Ave Maria
Rihards Dubra – meditation for organ Dievmātes skatiena pieskāriens (The Touch of Madonna’s Gaze)
Johannes Brahms – Two Motets, Op. 74
Andris Dzenītis – Ave Maria
Felix Mendelssohn – psalm 22 Mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen (My God, Why have you Forsaken Me?)
Felix Mendelssohn – Ave Maria
Johannes Brahms – Geistliches Lied (Sacred Song) op. 30


The Lativan Radio Choir
Ilze Reine – organ
Conductor Kaspars Putniņš

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