Latvian Radio Big Band. A Night of American Jazz

On the night of May 11, the Latvian Radio Big Band will introduce the audience of the Spīķeri Concert Hall with the work of composer, trumpetist and big band leader Thad Jones, who has been rightfully dubbed one of the most brilliant solo jazz trumpeters of all times and also a key figure in the development of big band music. Thad Jones started his career in big band music with the legendary Count Basie Orchestra (and went on to become its leader), however, his signature style of arranging music has always possessed a unique quality – he was always able to combine the rhythms of popular 1960s rock and roll and rhythm and blues with the harmonies of jazz and swing music, thus creating a completely new sound, which secured the survival of big bands even beyond the end of the big band and swing era of the 1960s.

The program A Night of American Jazz features songs from several recordings by Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, including “Greetings and Salutations”, “Little Rascal on a Rock”, as well as immortal arrangements of “Groove Merchant”, “A Child Is Born”, “Jive Samba”, and other historically significant jazz tunes, providing an extensive journey into the creative work of Thad Jones, to be enjoyed by all listeners – both experienced jazz connoisseurs and those at the beginning of their big band explorations.

With the concert A Night of American Jazz, the Latvian Radio Big Band are opening a new concert series, during which they will invite listeners to look back at the legacy of the big band genre and the most prominent jazz icons from Latvia and around the globe.


Instrumental music by Thad Jones


Latvian Radio Big Band

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