Jazz Trio Auziņš - Čudars - Arutyunyan

The jazz trio Auziņš - Čudars – Arutyunyan consists of three young, talented and bright Latvian musicians that have also polished their skills abroad. The name of the trio identifies the saxophonist Kārlis Auziņš, whose sax performance, improvisational style and jazz expression has been influenced by the Danish jazz school; guitarist and composer Matīss Čudars who laid his jazz foundations and perfected his guitar performance in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam; and percussionist Ivars Arutyunyan whose creative career has centred around Paris. In the summer of 2018, the trio released their debut record Baltic – an album that, along with original pieces, has allotted a lot of space for improvisation. Improvisation is also the main keyword for this programme in which the musicians invite the audience along on a journey to medieval times, searching for the sonic intersections between contemporary jazz and the music of two prominent 14th century masters of Ars Nova: the celebrated Florentine citizen Francesco Landini and the French multi-talent Guillaume de Machaut.



Jazz improvisations on the themes of Matīss Čudars, Kārlis Auziņš and Ivars Arutyunyan and medieval composers Francesco Landini and Guillaume de Machaut


Kārlis Auziņš, saxophone
Matīss Čudars, guitar
Ivars Arutjunjans, percussion

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