Q&A with Vineta Sareika before the screening

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Surprisingly open, movingly direct and earnest documentary about humanity and decisions, about stage partners that are not really your family, but at the same time are more than just colleagues and friends, about the loss that this most intricate of music making forms demands, and also about the bliss that it can offer.
“A marriage of four – this how string quartets are often described. But the reason for this marriage is not friendship, it is music, and the their love is presented and tasted right on the stage” – so the essence of string quartets is precisely explained by the concert agent Sonia Simmenauer.
With a run time slightly under an hour, the film Artemis: The Neverending Quartet strikingly illuminates the story of one of the most active and, perhaps, also one of the most outstanding string quartets of today. These stories and events underline their mutual ideals, helping with overcoming individual weaknesses, and the mutual decisions that not only strengthen the inner harmony of this musical family, but also map out the musical pinnacles to reach in the future.

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