Daumants Liepiņš. Solo concert

Pianist Daumats Liepiņš is the Artist of the Year laureate of the 2017 Grand Music Award. The young musician dazzles juries of prestigious competitions and impresses anyone who is lucky enough to hear him play. An extraordinary talent, a delicate and empathetic chamber musician, who is also no stranger to a charismatic soloist’s stance in performing with orchestras. His mastery of the piano is technically impeccable, and his interpretations are persuasive and emotionally charged. This can be witnessed on June 10, when the program “Daumants Liepiņš. A Solo Concert” will reveal the multi-faceted musician’s interpretation of highly vivid and immortal compositions of various eras on the stage of the Great Guild. The Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue by baroque genius Johann Sebastian Bach will resonate against an original piece by master of aching melancholy Arturs Maskats, composed specifically for Daumants, the extensive Partita for piano, alongside Pēteris Vasks’ picturesque observation of nature in the sun-filled opus Music for a Summer Evening, and the monumental masterpiece of piano music, the dynamic and emotionally tense Piano Sonata No. 3 by Romantic heavyweight Johannes Brahms, embellished with a nod to Sternau’s poetry expressing the bliss of love.


Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Pēteris Vasks, and an original piece by Arturs Maskats


Daumants Liepiņš, piano

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