The Charm of Cello Music

On June 15, the Spīķeri Concert Hall will be taken over by the Charm of Cello Music. The stage will unite eight masters of the cello, led by the soloist of the popular band DaGamba, Antons Trocjuks, and renowned chamber musician Guna Šnē. The musicians are certain that “the cello can resonate directly and make hearts beat faster, it can stop time and fluctuate not only space, but also the souls of listeners.” The colorful multitude of the ensemble intertwining with emotionally saturated solo episodes will bring us the harmoniously tense music of German romanticist Max Bruch, the intricately woven patterns of the French jeweler of sound Gabriel Fauré, the fiery Polonaise de Concert by the famed Bohemian virtuoso David Popper, and the brilliant “Violoncelles, vibrez!” by contemporary superstar of Italian music Giovanni Sollima, as well his genre-bending “Alone”. There will also be a conversation on the intimate details of a cellist’s life, and a special surprise – Maurice Ravel’s iconic “Bolero”, performed in a rather unusual version, on a single cello by four cellists!



Max Bruch, David Popper, Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Ravel, Stephan Schrader, Svante Henryson, Giovanni Sollima


Guna Šnē, cello
Antons Trocjuks, cello

Māra Botmane, cello
Klāvs Jankevics, cello
Kārlis Klotiņš, cello
Madara Norbūte, cello
Elīza Petrenko, cello
Dace Zālīte-Zilberte, cello

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