Beethoven's, Schubert's and Webern's masterpieces

Trio Palladio brings together three soloists, recipients of multiple Latvian Grand Music awards; three shining stars, each with their own individual luster that together create a unit of the highest musical skill. They are violinist Eva Bindere, cellist Kristīne Baumane, and pianist Reinis Zariņš, and their collective creative output is characterized by deeply thought out interpretations of a carefully crafted repertoire and an extraordinary and intuitive connection within the ensemble. This time, the trio is focused on the works of three distinguished masters – Ludwig van Beethoven’s piano trios – the early and enticing op. 11 and the decade later op 97 or the Archduke Trio; the Vienna romantic Franz Schubert’s late masterpiece Nocturne, as well as the New Viennese School composer Anton Webern’s exquisite and polished Four Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 7, and Two Pieces for cello and Piano op. 3


Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Trio op. 11 ("Gassenhauer") and Piano Trio op. 97 ("Archduke")
Franz Schubert Notturno D. 897
Anton Webern Four pieces for violin and piano op. 7 and Two pieces for cello and piano op. 3



Trio Palladio:
Eva Bindere, violin
Kristīne Blaumane, cello
Reinis Zariņš, piano

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