Bach at Christmas

The music of the Baroque grand master Johann Sebastian Bach continues to ring through the centuries. It captivates and moves; inspires and continues to surprise. The ensemble Tangoriginales is offering a new approach to well-known pieces of the outstanding German composer in their programme Bach in Christmas. The ensemble consists of three talented and energetic musicians – cellist Mark Vilensky, accordion virtuoso Savva Zih and double bassist Toms Timofejevs. The players of the 2014-born ensemble are laureates of international competitions and are also performing as solo artists actively, earning recognition in international festivals as well.  The main focal point for Tangoriginales is repertoire based on tango and jazz traditions in which deep emotions are intertwined with high-strung drama and a refreshing sense of freedom – these interests are also heard in the ensemble’s interpretation of Bach’s music. 


Johann Sebastian Bach Fantasia and Fugue in G minor, High mass in B minor, Sonata for violin and harpsichord in F minor (transcriptions)


Marks Viļenskis, cello
Savva Zihs, accordion
Toms Timofejevs, double bass

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