Christmas time has a need for silence and minimalism, combining the classics and the contemporary, and taking at how both the craziness and quiet of Christmas look from afar in the 21st century. Minimalists will say “Less is more”. Maximalists will counter that with “more is more”. Which of these is right in music? Philip Glass and Raivis Misjuns reveal that quality trumps quantity: just a few absolutely essential notes create an aching stillness, unforgettable melody, or even perpetual motion. They seek to attain everything, and they do so while being colourful and impressive. Glass’ Opening, Einstein on the Beach, Etude and Arabesque In Memoriam will feature the solos of four outstanding musicians, whereas in Misjuns’ new piece all of them, flutist Egija Sproģe, saxophonist Paulīna Piteņko, oboist Amanda Tauriņa, and pianist Aleksandrs Kalējs, will join forces in an enlightened sonic painting. In Platons Buravickis’ new work during the concert’s culmination, the audience will get to experience the best parts of minimalism and maximalism.


Philip Glass, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Raivis Misjuns, Platons Buravickis (premiere)


Chamber ensemble MŌD:
Egija SPROĢE, flute
Amanda TAURIŅA, oboe, english horn 
Paulīna PITEŅKO, saxophone 
Aleksandrs KALĒJS, piano
Platons BURAVICKIS, electronics

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