“We will be as large as our will,” Rainis wrote in the play Indulis and Ārija in 1911. This idea has interwoven an entire century of joy and sadness, destruction and restoration, the establishment of the Latvian state and the restoration of independent statehood. It has been a nucleus that has expressed our nation’s will, faith and desire to be free. Today, too, we can do everything that we believe in. The quote from Rainis has been chosen for the largest event in contemporary Latvian history – the centennial of the Republic of Latvia. This allows our generation to celebrate the country’s hundredth birthday in an honourable, respectful, proud and happy manner, telling the story of Latvia and shaping the country’s future. The aim of the centennial programme is to strengthen the readiness of the people to strengthen their will, feel a sense of belonging and love in Latvia and organise processes and co-operation. “I am Latvia” – that is the message of the centennial, reminding us that of the greatest value in Latvia are her people, who have dedicated their lives to the emergence and survival of an independent country, shaped its present and created foundations for tomorrow.

“Latvian Concerts” for Latvia’s centennial

The whole programme can be found at www.lv100.lv.

January 8 and 10, 2018
The concert programme “Mare Balticum”

The Latvian Radio Big Band will present tested values in other countries. The concert programme “Mare Balticum” includes jazz versions of Latvian folk songs that were composed by the Australian jazz superstar James Morrison. The concerts will also feature new Latvian jazz songs by Raimonds Pauls that will be presented by the brilliant Latvian jazz singer Kristīne Prauliņa.
Venue: Lincoln Centre, “Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola,” New York
John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Centre, “Millennium Stage,” Washington, DC
November 20-25, 2018: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (London Jazz Festival)
Producers and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, foreign partners of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Latvia

January 18-21, 2018, 8:00 PM
The multimedia performance “Decorations of Light”
The opening event of Latvia’s centennial will tell a story about our country, which we are creating ourselves, as well as about the breath of culture that we receive from previous generations, translate into modern tones and then transfer to our children.
Jānis Šipkēvics, voice, synthesiser, electronics
Miķelis Putniņš, guitar, electronics
Asnate Rancāne, violin
Guntars Prānis, hurdy-gurdy
Ieva Nīmane, brass instruments
Anda Eglīte, kokle
Actors and dancers
Latvian Radio Choir
Composed by Jānis Šipkēvics, Mārtiņš Viļums
Lyrics from Latvian folk songs, Ilmārs Šlāpins
Voldemārs Johansons, set designer
Kaspars Putniņš, musical director
Viesturs Meikšāns, director
Venue: Latvian National Library
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Latvian Radio Choir

February 17, 2018
Baltic Music Festival
The Iveta Apkalna concert “Evening of Baltic Organ Music”
Iveta Apkalna is considered to be one of the world’s leading organists. In January 2017, she opened a new philharmonic concert hall in Hamburg. Iveta Apkalna has received international recognition by taking part in various competitions. In 2015 she received a prize for outstanding performance from the Ministry of Culture and became a cultural ambassador for Latvia. This concert will feature opuses by Jāzeps Vītols, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Bronius Kutavičius, Aivars Kalējs, Andris Dzenītis, Maija Einfelde and Arvo Pärt.
Venue: Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Konzerthaus Berlin

February 19, 2018
Baltic Music Festival
Baiba, Linda and Lauma Skride, Kristīna Blaumane
Violinists Baiba and Linda and pianist Lauma Skride are internationally recognised musicians. They are sisters from Latvia and have performed together since early childhood. A cello was lacking to complete the ensemble, and that is why this concert will also feature Kristīna Blaumane. The programme will include opuses by Baltic composers – Jāzeps Vītols, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis and Pēteris Vasks.
Venue: Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Konzerthaus Berlin

February 20, 2018
Baltic Music Festival
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the national academic choir “Latvija”

Neeme Jarvi, conductor
The “Latvija” choir, soloists and the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra will perform the oratorio “Des Jona Sendung” by Estonian composer Rudolf Tobias. The concert will celebrate Estonia’s centenary in Berlin.
Venue: Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Konzerthaus Berlin

February 21, 2018
Baltic Music Festival
The “Latvian Voices” concert “Across Borders”

The only instrument in this group is the voices of the singers, and most of the repertoire has been created and interpreted by the singers themselves. This is a conscious crossing of boundaries between classical music, jazz and other genres, and the presentation and discussion with the audience will ensure an exciting look at methods of art, opportunities for interpretation and the history of music.
Venue: Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Konzerthaus Berlin

April 19, 21, 25 and 26, 2018
The concert series “Latvia’s Ring”
“Vidzeme’s Ring”
The musical exhibition “The Hill Shall Rise”

This exhibition speaks to the uniqueness, wealth and cultural and historical aspects of the Latvian region of Vidzeme. It was the birthplace of the roots and symbols of Latvian culture, the cradle for Latvia’s flag and national anthem, the place where education began to light up people’s spirit, and the origin of Latvia’s Song Festival. Vidzeme was a place where Latvians could awaken their self-confidence and patriotism. It is a region of teachers, poets, writers, composers and artists who cause much inspiration. As a place to live and return to, Vidzeme is a place of romantic and idealistic dreams about Latvia, a place where free and educated people can identify and establish their identity. Signs from the mystic past awaken us, speak to us in texts and subtexts, lead us to obtain things, recover things, be born and reborn, and scale the hill that has an endless road forward to our dreams.
Latvian Radio Choir and soloists
Sigvards Kļava, musical director and conductor
Guna Kalnača, Jānis Mitrēvics, “Dd Studio,” organisers
Venue: Cēsis, Rēzekne, Liepāja, Jelgava
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Latvian Radio Choir

May 2, 2018
“Māris Briežkalns Quintet Plays Rothko in Jazz”

The repertoire of the Māris Briežkalns Quintet programme reflects the mood of the work of the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko, which the artist himself has called the “portrait of the condition of souls.” All of the artworks depicted in the music come from the latter period of the artist’s work, when Rothko used Abstract Expressionism. There is a total of ten jazz compositions that are harmonised with a specific artwork by Mark Rothko, and during the performance, the relevant artwork is presented on a large screen. The overall mood of the project is close to the style of minimalism and asceticism which the artist tried to create in his paintings.

Venue: Baryshnikov Art Centre, New York
* Elsewhere:
February 11, 2018, Bozar Concert Hall, Brussels, Belgium
November 20-25, 2018, King’s Place, London, UK (part of the London Jazz Festival)
Producer and supporters: Latvian Concerts, Ministry of Culture, foreign partners of the Foreign Ministry

May 24, 25 2018
The choral opera “NeoArctic”

An inspirational, poetic and touching musical performance about the Anthropocene period of geological time, with unprecedented human influence on the ecosystems of the Earth. People have become a “force of nature” which creates rapid and unforeseen changes on the populated globe.
Latvian Radio Choir group
Sigvards Kļava, conductor
Idea: “Hotel Pro Forma”
Director: Kirsten Delholm
Music: Endijs Stots, Krists Auznieks
Libretto: Sjón
Lights: Jersper Kongshaug
Set design: Anne Mete, Fisker Langker

A suggestive, poetic and touching musical performance about the Anthropocene geological era, during the course of which there was an unprecedented amount of human effect on the ecosystems of the world. People have become a natural force that leads to rapid and unpredictable changes on the populated planet.
Latvian Radio Choir Group
Sigvards Kļava, conductor
Idea: Hotel Pro Forma
Director: Kirsten Delholm
Music: Endijs Stots, Krist uznieks
Libretto: Sión
Lights: Jersper Konshaug
Set design: nne Mete Fisker Langker
Video artist and director: dam Raid Ankarfelt
Video artists: ndreas Sommer, Magnus Pind Bierre, Birck Marcus Hansen
Sound artist: Kristian Hvering
May 24 and 25, 2018: Southbank Centre, London, UK
March 21, 2018: Chassé Theatre, Breda, Netherlands
pril 14, 2018: La Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada
November 6 and 7, 2018: Oz sia Festival, Adelaide, Australia
Organised by Latvian Radio Choir, Hotel Pro Forma

June 15, 2018
The dance performance "Invisible Effects"
Choreographer Kirils Burlovs has partnered with dancers from Latvia and Great Britain to offer a dance performance about a middle-aged woman who is facing a crisis ("Little Red Riding Hood") and a diver who demonstrates a breathtaking world record on stage ("The Goal").
Choreographer: Kirils Burlovs
Dancers from Latvia and Lithuania (3+3)
n ensemble of Latvian musicians
From June 20-24, 2018: Print Room Theatre, London, UK
Organisers: Latvian Concerts, Baltic rt Form festival

June 18th, 2018
Contemporary dance performance. Pēteris Vasks Gadalaiki (Seasons)
Fans of piano music will have the chance to enjoy the performance of the winner of several Latvian Grand Music prizes - pianist Reinis Zariņš, while the lovers of contemporary dance will appreciate the work of the choreographer and former Latvian National Opera and Ballet soloist Kirils Burlovs. The four seasons portray a person’s life through music and dance from youth to maturity and correspond with the stunning sceneries of nature. The performance is based on Pēteris Vasks’s piano cycle Gadalaiki (Seasons).

Featuring: Reinis Zariņš, piano; Kirils Burlovs, dancer and choreographer.
Venue: Rīga, the New Hall of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet.
September 2018 – the Print Room theatre in London, the United Kingdom.
Created and brought to life by VSIA Latvijas Koncerti and the festival Baltic Art Form

June 9th-14th, 2018
Contemporary dance performance Neredzama Iedarbība (Invisible Effect)
The collaboration between the London-based choreographer Kirils Burovs and several British artists has created the two-part dance performance about a middle-aged woman in a moment of crisis (Sarkangalvīte / Woman and Her Riding Hood, composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad) and about the development and interaction of a woman and a man’s relationship during their lifetime (Viņa/Viņš / S/he, composer Platons Buravickis)
Featuring: choreograopher Kirils Burlovs, dancers and musicians from Latvia and the United Kingdom
Venue: The Print Room theatre, London, the United Kingdom
Created and brought to life by VSIA Latvijas Koncerti and the festival Baltic Art Form

June 21, 2018
Baltic Jazz Trio: Baltic Unit in the Centenary and in Music
The Baltic Jazz Trio consists of three distinguished jazz musicians -- Māris Briežkalns (Latvia, percussion), Toivo Unt (Estonia, double bass) and Dainius Pulauskas (Lithuania, piano). In preparation for the centenary of the Baltic States, the trio has released its second studio album, "Centenary," featuring music from the most important composers from the Baltic States -- Pēteris Vasks, rvo Pårt and Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis -- all arranged for jazz performances. The Baltic Jazz Trio is a unique project that brings together Baltic jazz with academic music, featuring both contemporary and traditional sounds.
Venue: Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa, Canada
Organisers: Latvian Concerts, Modern Music Centre, partners in Lithuania and Estonia

June 20, 2018
The concert cycle "Born in Latvia"
Elīna Garanča and the Vienna Philharmonic
One of the most brilliant stars in the world is the Latvian mezzo Elīna Garanča, who will appear in concert with the globally renowned Vienna Philharmonic and Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare.
Ludwig van Beethoven, Overture to Leonora, No 3, C major, op 72b
Gustav Mahler, Five Rickert Songs
Gustav Mahler, Urlicht from the cycle The Boy's Miracle Horn
Bela Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
Venue: Dzintari Concert Hall
Organiser: Latvian Concerts

July 24, 2018
The concert cycle "Born in Latvia"
Born in Latvia

symphonic orchestra made up of the best young musicians in Latvia appears together with Latvian-born and globally famous professionals from the world of classical music -- opera singer Maija Kovaļevska, violinist Vineta Sareika, accordionist Ksenija Sidorova, organist Iveta Apkalna, and conductor and Berlin Comical Opera musical director Ainārs Rubiķis.
Venue: Dzintari Concert Hall
Organiser: Latvian Concerts

September 28, 2018
The concert cycle "Born in Latvia"
Iveta pkalna and the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra

One of the most active solo organists in Europe is Iveta pkalna, who is very much demanded. She will appear together with the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra and Slovakian conductor Juraj Valcuha during a tour of the Baltic States
Otto Nicolai, Overture to "The Merry Wives of Windsor"
Joseph Jongen, Sinfonia Concertante organ concerto, op 81
Ludwig van Beethoven, Third Symphony in E flat major, "Eroica", op 55
Venue: Great Guild
Organiser: Latvian Concerts

September 2018
The concert performance "Seasons of the Year"
This is a musical performance based on a cycle of piano compositions by Pēteris Vasks, "Seasons of the Year." The story is about a Dancer who partly symbolises all of humanity. The typically brief career of dancers makes the bitter reality of human limitations more vivid.
Reinis Zariņš, piano
Kirils Burlovs, dancer and choreographer
Venue: Print Room Theatre, London (during the London Design Biennale)
Organisers: Latvian Concerts, Baltic rt Form festival

October 17, 19, 26, November 2, 2018
The concert cycle "Ring of Latvia"
The cinema concert "In the Floods of History"
Zemgale is the region of the plough and sword, with fertility interweaving with death. Military marches and dirges are heard there, legends are canonised, and there are self-confident brass bands that appear at outdoor parties. Vast meadows turn into battlefields and cemeteries that turn back into meadows in which Latvian literary language, the country's first presidents and statesmen, noble poets and strong poetesses grow and flourish. Zemgale is characterised by the vast scope of its horizon, and the Latvian state is like the Lielupe River, where floods bring together the scattered streams of souls on the flatlands of history.
Latvian Radio Choir
Latvian Radio Big Band and soloists
Musical director and conductor: Sigvards Kļava
Libretto: Inese Zandere
Director and video artist: Roberts Rubīns
Venues in Cēsis, Rēzekne, Liepāja and Jelgava
Organisers: Latvian Concerts, Latvian Radio Choir

November 12 to 22, 2018
Latvian Radio Choir tour of the United States and Canada
The Latvian Radio Choir will present several programmes of Latvian and Nordic choral music, featuring the leading trends and most visible composers in the world of contemporary Latvian music. The vocal qualities of the choir have influenced and facilitated the composition of these opuses, which display the unique nature of the choir, with a colourful sound and timbre in interpreting the great masterpieces of choral music in the world. The Latvian Radio Choir merges the ancient with the contemporary and the Latvian with the global.
November 13: Lincoln Centre, New York
November 15: Duke University
November 16: Washington, DC
November 21: Soundstream Festival, Toronto
Organisers: Latvian Concerts, Latvian Radio Choir

November 8, 2018
The concert cycle "Born in Latvia"
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

The globally renowned Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will appear together with the symphonic orchestra of the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian cademy of Music, pianist Yefim Bronfman and conductor Daniele Gatti
Carl Maria von Weber, Overture to Oberon
Ludwig van Beethoven, Fourth Piano Concerto in G major, op 58
Johannes Brahms, Second Symphony in D major, op 73
Venue: Latvian National Opera
Organiser: Latvian Concerts

November 21, 22 and 24, 2018
A concert tour of Sweden by the Sinfonietta Rīga chamber orchestra and Ksenija Sidorova
t the culmination of Latvia's centenary, the Sinfonietta Rīga orchestra will say yes to our closest neighbours who live a few dozen sea miles away on the other shore of the Baltic Sea. The chamber orchestra that is conducted by Normunds Šnē will partner with the charming accordionist Ksenija Sidorova from Rīga to present concerts in three of Sweden's largest regional cities. The programme will include Erkki-Sven Tüür's Prophecy for accordion and orchestra, Josef Haydn's 104th Symphony, and a chamber symphony by the young Latvian composer Linda Leimane, Guesstimations, which had its premiere at the Great Guild in Rīga
November 21: Malmö Concert Hall
November 22: Gothenburg Concert Hall
November 24: Örebro Concert Hall
Organisers: Sinfonietta Rīga, Ksenija Sidorova, Örebro Concert Hall, Malmö Concert Hall, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Latvian Embassy in Sweden

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