Heights of Italian and German Baroque.

The two Latvian artists – professional chefs of the early music kitchen – harpsichordist Ieva Saliete and cellist Ilze Grudule perform quite regularly in different cities of Latvia. A few years ago Ilze Grudule filled the concert halls of Latgalia and Rīga with programmes Riga listeners were less acquainted to from the festival Baroque Music Days in Rēzekneand involved excellent interpreters. Ieva Saliete, however, has a concert life that is not only contained domestically but is also with the Swiss baroque orchestra Les Passions de l`Ame founded by the exciting an original swiss violinist Meret Lüthi.

In the Early Music Festival this unique trio will perform the most splendid opuses of Italian and German baroque music, revealing step by step the original and sophisticated way that Germans broke free from the 17thcentury Italian violin canon, creating the repertoire of the German baroque violin. Each of the pieces included in the programme was the highest achievement in violin music of its time, and it will be presented to the audience like a summer-scented gift given by three intelligent artists that are very well versed in the peculiarities of the genre.


Johana Sebastiāna Baha, Heinriha Ignāca Franča fon Bībera, Johana Heinriha Šmelcera, Frančesko Marijas Veračīni un Antonio Vivaldi mūzika


Mereta Litī, vijole (Šveice)
Ilze Grudule, čells
Ieva Saliete, klavesīns

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