Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Vasks Meditation and Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty

Baltic Sea Philharmonic – a new era in music interpretation and performance
The setters of a new paradigm in culture and music – the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Born out of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, it has grown to embody the definition of a capable contemporary 21st century orchestra. Conscious of their responsibility towards their environment, culture, and society, it represents the vision of a united northern region and works to be a cornerstone of social growth. The Baltic Sea Philharmonic brings together leading musicians from all ten Baltic sea states – Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. The wide musical repertoire of the founder of the orchestra Kristjan Järvi celebrates the cultural diversity of the region. The Baltic Sea Philharmonic brings together people with different nationalities and life experiences from a region historically divided by war and politics and aims to become a beacon of coexistence through inner peace and respect for one another. The orchestra sees respect for the environment as one of its missions and main driving forces and creates their performances to be unique and fascinating adventures.


Kristjan Järvi (1972) Aurora for orchestra
Pēteris Vasks (1946) Lonely Angel for violin and string orchestra
Gediminas Gelgotas (1986) Violin concerto
Pyotr Ilyic Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) Sleeping Beauty Concert Suite (arr. Kristjan Järvi)


David Nebel, violin
Baltic Sea Philharmonic
Conductor Kristjan Järvi

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